Priyanka Chopra’s meteoric rise to stardom in the West is no less than a fantasy. Just over a year ago, she was one of India’s most sought-after actress and today, her cinematic journey is changing geographical landscapes by the day.

Both her fans and critics are taking note of her appearances on the big Hollywood stage. From challenging Jimmy Fallon to a chicken wings duel to bowling Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson over at the Baywatch shoot, Priyanka Chopra looks in no mood to take it slow.


The latest feather in Priyanka Chopra’s hat is her interview with Complex Magazine. In this bold interview, Priyanka talks about everything from facing racism to her wish of playing James Bond.

Here are a few excerpts from her interview with Complex:


1. On being famous.


2. On facing racism in school in the US.


3. Priyanka is a huge fan of the ’90s music, particularly Tupac Shakur.


4. About her perception in the West.


5. On being judged on the merit of her art.


6. And how she feels America needs to take a lesson from India’s book.


7. On how her upbringing shaped her life.


8. How she got a tattoo in her dad’s handwriting.


9. On the speculation that she would make a great Bond girl.


10. On her on-set experience in the West.


11. Her idea of success.


12. And how success actually works!


Read the full interview here: Complex

Keep making us proud, Priyanka!