One of the biggest, most popular films from the 2000s was Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. When it had released, the film was the talk of every household. Or was running on every television. Everyone loved it. The songs were hits, and romantic pairings cute AF! K3G was perfect!  

Except, that it wasn’t. So many situations and character traits in the movie were problematic, and as much as we loved the film, those things cannot remain unseen any longer. 

1. The amount of fat-shaming everyone put young Rohan though. It was one insensitive joke after another with him being called ‘mota.’ 

2. The fact that Rahul couldn’t make his own choices as an adult. So much so, he was disowned for marrying someone he loved. 

3. The constant criticism and slut-shaming Poo received for choosing to dress in a way that made her feel her best. Whether that was criticism coming from her own sister or from her brother-in-law. Remember the backless top scene? 

4. The patriarchal hold Yash Raichand had over the entire family. That household was not running democratically. Whatever Amitabh Bachchan’s character Yash said became the law, even if it was unreasonable.  


5. How Rahul kept leading Naina on, all while friend-zoning her. Was he that oblivious to how much she liked him? 

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6. The OTT hatred Anjali had for western culture and civilization. It’s great that she loved India so much, and we also understand that she missed her motherland, but that doesn’t mean you disrespect other cultures or have some kind of resentment against them. 

7. Yash Raichand’s idea of parampara was definitely distorted and hypocritical. One moment he was lecturing his sons about honouring the family’s traditions the next he was grinding against unknown women. 

8. Plus what was that divide between the rich and poor? Yes, the socio-economic divide is real, but the fact that Yash Raichand didn’t even get to know the girl that his son chose to get married to (probably because she didn’t belong to the same rich circle they did) before rejecting her was terrible. 


9. Why did Rohan and Rahul both think it was okay to kiss Pooja and Anjali without their consent? Rohan was asked to apologise to Pooja for his behaviour and while that is was a noble thing to do, the kiss at the end was unnecessary and uncalled for. And same goes for Rahul AKA Shahrukh Khan kissing Anjali to seal their newly formed alliance. 

10. Why did Daai Jaan feel the need to mention that Rukhsar is a quiet and composed girl in front of the boy’s family? As if that is the prime definition of what a marriageable girl is supposed to be like? 

11. Not only did Yash not respect his son Rahul’s choice, but he had also already decided who his son will marry. And didn’t even think of asking him about whether he’s okay with that decision. 


12. And what about when Pooja was bullied by Rohan and his friends for not being a rich kid. 

13. The fact that Rahul was hell-bent on supervising and controlling every interaction between Rohan and Pooja. I mean, those two were grown individuals! 


We all watched the film without a clue of all this, didn’t we?