P.S I Love You fans, drop whatever you're doing and take a seat because what I'm about to tell you might make your knees tremble. Our favourite tear-jerker rom-com is finally getting a sequel. 

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No, I am not confusing To All The Boys: P.S I Still Love You with P.S I Love You's sequel, I know why you might think so but this news is very real. And I have to say, it is by far the best Valentine's Day surprise ever. 

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You heard that right folks, Holly a.k.a Hilary Swank will be making a comeback, 7 years after Gerry's death and will probably revisit all those emotional letters that Gerry left her from behind the grave for a podcast. 

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According to Variety, Alcon Entertainment has acquired the film rights to "Postscript", which is the follow-up novel by Cecelia Ahern. Apparently, the adaptation of the sequel will be co-financed and co-produced with Black Label Media.

Source: Daily Mail

Daily Mail gives us a little peek into the storyline of the Cecelia Ahern book which will be adapted into a movie. According to the synopsis: 

It’s taken seven years to reinvent herself, and she’s ready to move on with her life. But Holly comes to realize that when you love someone, there’s always one more thing to say... 
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The first part of P.S I Love You was a worldwide hit and still continues to remain a classic, tear-jerker rom-com. Released in 2007, the motion picture earned around $53 million on $156 million worldwide. 

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Cecelia Ahern who's  the mastermind behind penning this classic love story expressed how she felt about the sequel in a statement:  

A deeply emotional project for me, Postscript is the PS to my PS and while it is a sequel, it is also a story that stands alone about living a purposeful life in the face of illness, grief and loss,' she said. 'I hope that new readers and PS, I Love You fans alike will embrace Holly’s new journey. 
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Now we don't know yet if Gerard Buttler a.k.a Gerry will be there as Holly's guardian angel to help her while she's revisiting her grieving years in the sequel but we sure as hell hope that we dive into a time capsule to witness his memories. 

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I don't know about y'all but I really can't wait to crawl into bed with a box of tissues and re-watch P.S I Love You for the gazillionth time and cry myself to sleep to celebrate this news.