Battle Royale games are not necessarily known for the extensive origin stories. But it appears that PUBG is willing to change that idea with its new cinematic trailer for season 4. Mind you, it’s incredibly dark. 

The Verge

The trailer starts with a child in Erangel in the middle of a battle. After the smoke clears, he realises that he was the sole survivor of the battle of Erangel. 

Game reactor

Then it skips to years ahead in the future with the same boy sitting in front of a bunch of TV sets watching as people try to survive the battle royales he organises on the island. 


You can watch the trailer here:

According to The Verge, the expanding of the PUBG universe only makes sense as more games in the franchise are already in the works. 


The company is known to have hired Call of Duty fame, Glen Schofield to head a new studio focussed on an ‘original narrative experience within the PUBG universe’.