Pune Court, in a bizarre incident, issued a ridiculous notice asking female lawyers not to arrange their hair in courtrooms, as it apparently ‘disturbs’ proceedings.

Indira Jaising, a senior advocate, shared the notice, which was signed by the registrar of the court, on her social media handle.

The notice read, “It is repeatedly noticed that women advocates are arranging their hair in open court which is disturbing functioning of the court. Hence, women advocates are hereby notified to refrain from such act.

As per reports, the notice was issued to maintain the decorum of the courtroom without the intention to insult or hurt any sentiments. The notice was issued on October 20. However, it was withdrawn on October 22 after it faced a lot of criticism on social media.

While some netizens supported the notice, several others were quite pissed. Here’s what netizens think: