Punjabis. What would we do without them? They’re boisterous, gaudy, cheerful and slightly vain. But one thing is for sure. Once you get to know them, they make really great friends. Here’s why;

1. He’s always got your back.

If you’ve ever had a Punju friend, you’ll know that if you’re ever in trouble, no one will go “Thwaddi Toh!” and rush to be by your side faster than him/her.

2. They’re always listening to awesome new songs.

Punjabis are really fond of music. So when you roll with your Punju BFF, you discover a lot of new artists and songs you’ve never heard before. Sure, they’ll make you listen to some Yo Yo Honey Singh once in a while, but that’s fine.

3. She is probably the greatest cook in the world.

By the time she’s done with you, you will gain at least 15 KGs from extremely rich, extremely tasty Punjabi home cooked fare. And then she’ll say, “Seconds?”

4. They’re great drivers.

Since they start driving by the age of 8, Punjabi dudes are naturals behind the wheel. And that goes for the women too.

5. They’re always up for drinks.

You: “Bro. Beer lete hain.”

Punju BFF: “O Chadd beer sheer. Black Label. ”

6. They’re always optimistic.

You’re always amazed how cheerful your Punjabi friend can be. Life becomes a lot more fun when you hang out around someone who has a smile plastered on their face 24/7.

7. They’re really good listeners.

You wouldn’t expect it, but your Punju BFF is probably a really good listener. They’ll listen to what’s troubling you and play Agony Aunt without breaking a sweat. Then, they’ll stuff you with Butter Chicken and/or Whiskey to make things better.

8. They’re extremely funny.

Punjabis are one of the few communities in the world that can make as well as take jokes. What’s more, their comic timing is impeccable.

9. Aloo Paranthas.

‘Nuff said.


10. You’ll get to attend tons of Punjabi weddings.

If you’ve ever been to one, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, you’ve really missed out on life.

11. You’ll start understanding Bollywood songs that contain more Punjabi than Hindi.

Like “Paani Da Rang” from Vicky Donor. Seriously, unless you’re Punjabi or know someone who is, that song is pretty much melodious gibberish.

12. They’re always extremely courteous to your parents.

“Namaste Uncle Ji, Pairi Pauna Aunty Ji.” Those silver tongued rogues.

13. They’re surprisingly good with money.

Even though they come from a community that loves to splurge lavishly, they’re surprisingly good with money and really great at getting the biggest bang for their buck.

14. They forgive at the drop of a hat.

This is by far the best thing about a Punju BFF. Even if something goes wrong; all you need to do is apologize from the heart and they’ll shrug it off with a casual “Koi gal nai” and give you a hug.