A child of Gurdaspur and Jalandhar, I am as Punjabi as Punjabi gets. What’s more, I’ve spent most of my life in Delhi, which is like mini Punjab. Over the years, I’ve run into many people with varying perceptions about our community. While most of the people I’ve met are glad to have Punju BFFs, some still harbour a few misconceptions about us. So here’s a light-hearted myth busting session about Punjabis that’ll brighten your day.

1. Myth: Punjabis are loud.

Fact: No, we’re just hard of hearing.

2. Myth: Punjabis swear a lot.

Fact: Maayave, that’s true. But it’s just a way of showing affection. If we are abusing you, it means you are practically family.

3. Myth: Punjabis like to show off.

Fact: Come on, what would you rather have us do? Build a freakin’ gold coin swimming pool like Scrooge McDuck?

4. Myth: Punjabis are always looking to score a ‘catch’ for their daughters.

Fact: Admit it man, we raise pretty girls. We are the ‘catch’.

5. Myth: Punjabis drink a lot.

Fact: Yes. Because we can.

6. Myth: Punjabis have a funny accent.

Fact: What? It’s not pronounced Kaneda?

7. Myth: Punjabis are blunt.

Fact: We’re the sweetest people around. Of course, we don’t hesitate to speak our minds either.

8. Myth: Punjabis are always joking.

Fact: Yeah, that’s probably because we’re high on desi ghee, all the damn time.

9. Myth: Punjabis eat nothing but butter chicken.

Fact: We also eat paranthas. Aloo parantha, gobhi parantha, paneer parantha, rice parantha, dal parantha, keema parantha, basically-anything-that-is-edible-parantha.

10. Myth: Punjabis love to splurge.

Fact: We are into saving, big time. Seriously. No punch here!

11. Myth: Punjabis are big foodies.

Fact: 100% true! And that’s why we’re hardcore believer in force feeding others too. “Puttar, bas ik hor glass lassi le lavo!”

12. Myth: Punjabis have incredibly lavish weddings.

Fact: That’s not true. The weddings are nothing compared to the parties that happen afterwards.

13. Myth: Punjabis celebrate and party all the time.

Fact: Nope. We can’t party when we sleep. We’re working on it though.

14: Myth: Punjabis are found all over the world.

Fact: In all probability, we’ll be the first ones to settle on Mars as well.

15. Myth: Punjabis are obsessed with milk and milk products; ghee, lassi, curd, white butter, etc.

Fact: Did you say lassi? Where’s the lassi? I want some lassi!

16. Myth: Punjabis have a naturally strong built.

Fact: Most of us really. Yeah. Pretty much.

17. Myth: Punjabis are a jolly bunch.

Fact: Partly true. But our anger is the stuff of legend. Just ask Sunny Paaji.

18. Myth: Punjabis hate South Indians.

Fact: Yes, but only in “2 States.” In reality, we have nothing against our South Indian brethren. How can us food loving Punjus have ill will against people who’s delicacies make us go weak in the knees.