Who doesn’t like a good joke, right?

Yes, scrolling through memes in a fanciful language is all cool, but asli hassi toh desi memes pe hi nikalti hain because it’s relatable and of course, has a desi touch. And, what’s better than creating hilarious one-liners with the right concoction of wit and puns?

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Prakhar Khanna, who goes by the username @parkyprakhar, took to his social media account and churned out some uber-hilarious one-liners, brimming with wit, and gave it a tech twist. 

The freelance tech journalist used the names of a number of different technology companies – like Apple, Samsung and Sony, and created a side-splitting valentines-special thread.


Check the entire thread here:

Needless to mention, desi netizens also joined him and had some quirky responses:


The Nokia one feels like a personal attack. All the singles, aao saath mein roye.