Do you ever find yourself wondering why women are often placed at the brunt of most societal standards? For example, our society is adamant in wanting to dictate when women are ‘too old’ for certain things. This happens in our homes, and in bigger spaces like the film industry. But of course times are changing, and women are starting to stand up to the double standards. For instance, actor Anasuya Bharadwaj AKA Dakshayani from Pushpa, recently clapped back at a troll for trying to do just this. 

The actor had hosted an AMA on her Instagram and was met with a question that seemed like a jab at her age. Bharadwaj responded to the question like a true queen of course. 

The person asked her ‘How should I call you? Aunty or akka.’ The follower only gave her two options in this question, both of which are words used to refer to older women. I mean, Akka, means elder sister in Tamil.


What’s disappointing is that, often female actors begin receiving judgments around their age, the moment they take up roles that aren’t glamorous. Anytime a woman takes up a role that requires her to put her appearance second to her character’s persona, her image or brand is impacted in a way that a male celebrity’s would never be. Why do we place so much importance in a woman ‘looking’ desirable?

Let’s drop these double standards already, please.