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Take This Quiz & We Will Tell You How You'll Die In Game Of Thrones Season 8

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Heads getting squished, limbs getting severed, people being burned alive - Game of Thrones gives us a lot of these enveloped in a thin veil of catharsis. And while we wait for the epic finale to arrive we can just place ourselves in its fictional world where death can happen anywhere, even on a toilet.

If you think that you're brave enough to take Westeros by the horns, then answer these questions and we'll tell you how you'll meet your end.

1. How do you like your biryani?

With a lot of salan on the side.

4 parts rice and 1 part raisins.

With an assortment of chutneys and achaars.

With paneer and peas. Basically, I prefer mine veg.

2. Which is that one party anthem that makes you move like no one's watching?

Ishq Tera Tadpave


London Thumakda


3. If you had supreme control over the ice-cream industry, would you?

Ban Tutti Frutti.

Increase the size of the average scoop.

Give out an extra biscuit cone.

Declare chocolate as the best flavour.

4. A comet hits Earth giving everyone mutant abilities. Which superpower do you want to acquire?

Telekinesis but you can only move traffic.

Slow down time for yourself but only on Sundays.

The power of flight but it only works if you have a permit.

The power of hypnotism but only works on autowallahs.

5. You have only ₹1k to spend on your date, which of these would you do?

Go somewhere fancy and do the dishes after your date leaves.

Head to the cheapest buffet you can find.

Sneak into a wedding party that you weren't invited into 'cuz #CheapThrills.

Invest in mutual funds and reap the results years after.

6. If you could travel back in time, which of these would you do?

Take better historical pictures and copyright them.

Extract DNA from a dinosaur and start your own Jurassic Park.

Teach Edison about LED bulbs.

Relive your Sunday again and again.

7. Your boss is cross with you. What do you do?

Lash out.

Make a voodoo doll after heading back home.

Make a hate page on Facebook.

Make a pact with the devil to exact revenge.

8. What do you do after you're heavily drunk?

I pass out in the bathroom.

I confess my love to my crush outside their house at 2 AM.

I send voice notes to your BFF serenading your favourite song.

I don't normally remember anything.

9. Which Bollywood character is your spirit animal?


Bitoo Sharma


Chatur Ramalingam

10. How do you manage your money?

I save at least 20% of my salary.

I spend 80% on alcohol.

I keep 40% aside for a future angioplasty.

I buy books about money management every week.


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