If you've gotten the chance to catch the second volume of Stranger Things4th season, then we're sure you're having a bit of fan moment. And you've probably thought about who your favourite character from the show is and who your personality is most like! 


So here's a quiz for you to find out just this. Which character from Stranger Things you are most like. Go on, click away at these questions.

1. You're hungry AF, what do you choose to eat as a late night snack?

2. Your friends come over to your house to pick you up and go hang out at the mall, what do you decide to wear?

3. Your friend gets kidnapped, what's your first reaction?

4. There's a serial killer roaming around in your neighborhood, and you've been left to take care of a bunch of kids by the adults, while they're out trying to catch him. How do you handle the situation? 

5. Vecna is coming, what's your favourite song? 

6. It's the day of your hometown's annual fair, what are you doing?

7. You're talking about what you want to study at college with your friends, what are you saying to them?

8. You're up against Vecna, how do you defeat him?

9. You have an opportunity to give your girlfriend/boyfriend a surprise. What do you plan on doing?