Take This Quiz & We'll Tell You What Series Should You Be Binging On Now

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Times are tough and so is this lockdown. But the only thing that is keeping us sane is our ability binge multiple series during this time. So, if you're confused which series to watch rather re-watch again, we're here to help you out. 

1. What do you prefer to do to stay fit? 

2. What kind of a pet would you like to keep? 

3. Who do you think is the best MCU superhero? 

4. What kind of fast food do you prefer the most? 

5. If you could go anywhere around the world, which place would you visit?

6. What would be your ideal first date preference? 

7. What kind of a music instrument would you like to learn? 

8. What is your favourite past time? 

9. What is your go-to song to jam on?

10. What is your favorite cartoon character?

What did you get? 


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