As long as both industries keep churning out movies, there will always be a debate about which is better – Bollywood or Hollywood. Well, someone actually asked the question on Quora. Actually, the bada** just went up and asked people to list the ways Bollywood was better. 


That said, not everyone agrees with that statement. Someone on Quora asked in what ways was Bollywood better than Hollywood and to be very honest, a lot of these answers make sense. 

1. It’s true, Most of Hollywood in the last decade or so has revolved around superheroes and sci-fi dramas. And IDK, who to tell this to, but all MCU movies have the same bloody story!

2. It’s true. Hollywood will take any foreign movie, cast white people, remove subtitles and make the exact same movie, just in English!

3. This is true for all Indian movies. We just don’t have the first world money to make those movies. 

4. I would have been more shocked if La La Land had actually won an Oscar. Our romcoms are just better. We might have issues but we have got that sorted. 

5. Then there are those of us who haven’t necessarily been exposed to Western pop culture or sports or songs. For people like us, when we watch a movie, we want it to be relatable. 

6. And of course, there is the music. We have songs and dances for almost every occasion in this country. Hollywood, on the other hand, doesn’t use original scores for a movie unless it’s a musical. 

7. Nailed it! Take any Hollywood actor you like, and look at their IMDb page!

Obviously, this debate should be a lot more nuanced but the laymen don’t care about nuance, nor they should. They pay for the tickets and they have the right to watch whatever movie they want. In this case, they like Bollywood over Hollywood and that’s awesome!