Most romcoms have tricked us with fairy-tale narratives since time immemorial. Let’s be honest here and agree that real-life is not a happy-go-lucky tale. And, when it comes to love, you ain’t gonna have it easy. 

Does anyone remember the romantic brutally honest film, 500 Days Of Summer? If you ask me, this movie has been an eye-opener for many heartbroken, dejected souls out there. This movie has taught us the most important lesson – If you end up with your soulmate, nothing like it. But if you don’t, your life doesn’t end there! There are plenty of fish in the sea. 

If you haven’t watched this honest-to-God film, then you definitely need to watch it for some much needed pragmatic dating lessons. 

Here are a few realistic quotes from 500 Days of Summer which need to be added to your dating bible: 







So, people, try looking at love from a fresh perspective. Don’t go looking for it, let it come to you.

Design Credits: Palki Sharma