It’s been more than two years since How I Met Your Mother bid adieu to us but we still can’t get over how amazing the show really was. It entertained us for years and continues to give us major life lessons. Whenever we wanted motherly advice, we looked up to Lily. Moral science classes were Marshal’s expertise. Want to kick some ass? Channel your inner Robin. And when doom and depression set in,”Stop being sad and become awesome instead,” because Barney said so!

But, you know, there come stages in life when you cannot fathom their pace. You have no idea why certain things happen to you and not to others. But if you ask Professor Mosby, everything happens for a reason! In the course of the nine seasons of HIMYM, Ted managed to teach me a thing or two about destiny and it’s role in our lives. 

You never know, you might also start believing in miracles after reading this just like I did.