In 1971, a movie called Willy Wonky & The Chocolate Factory was released. You may have heard of it? In case it’s not ringing any bells, this meme template might jog your memory,

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Yep, that movie based on Roald Dahl’s seminal children’s book turned into a viral meme, and now, a YouTube channel called Corridor Crew has gone many steps further.

A crack team of VFX artists got together to turn the film’s PG rating into something much more sinister. They changed the sound design, added special effects, and generally converted the entire vibe of the movie into an R-rated horror bonanza.

In the movie, all the spoilt kids go through some form of punishment, but come out alive at the end, if a little ‘altered’. That happy ending goes out the window in this version, where everyone dies a horrible death.

Watch the entire thing below. The ‘film’ itself starts about 13 minutes in, before which the artists talk about their process. 

Cool. I’m not forgetting that anytime soon.