Have you ever been in a relationship where it feels like you are also dating your partner’s BFF? Not because you love them both but because their BFF is always around third-wheeling? 

And the thing is you don’t know how to have that awkward conversation with your partner and tell them that you wish to spend some alone time with them without the thrid-wheel. 


Well, thanks to Rachel (Lee’s girlfriend) from Kissing Both 2, we don’t have to worry about having that conversation with our third wheel or our partner because she has decided to take one for the team.

Pop Sugar

So Rachel is in a budding relationship with Lee and she feels like she is a third-wheeling ‘marshmallow’ between Elle and Lee’s bromantic relationship. 

And because Elle is in a long-distance relationship with Noah and is lonely, she needs her best friend more than ever. 

But unlike a lot of us, Rachel decides to take a stand for her relationship, has that difficult and awkward conversation and asks Lee to establish some healthy boundaries. 

And oh don’t get her wrong, Rachel is not insecure of Elle, she makes it very clear that she wishes to spend some more quality time with her boyfriend, Lee. Lee wants the same but he doesn’t know how to handle the situation. 

Rachel finally decides to confront her third wheel, Elle at the Halloween gala when Rachel thinks that Elle is choosing to be a third-wheel even after Lee has spoken to her: 

Taking matters into her own hands, Rachel does something that most of us don’t have the courage to do, confront, and call out the third wheel: 

Well, after watching this bold and powerful scene I wanted to apologise to every couple I must have intentionally or unintentionally been a third-wheel to.

A big shout out and thanks to Rachel for mustering up the courage to tell our third wheels what we cannot directly express or say to them. 

Thank you for not romanticizing or compromising with your third wheel and demanding what you rightfully deserve, you have given us hope.