It has been 13 years since a group of 6 lovable characters made the audience at large fall in love with them and yet, we STILL ache, discuss, miss and obsess over everything and anything that happened on F.R.I.E.N.D.S. 

No matter what, F.R.I.E.N.D.S will always hold a special place in our hearts. And despite the fact that we still sit and watch reruns of it as part of our Sunday routine (or at least that’s what I am guilty of), there is still a big question that the show did not answer as it ended. 

Who really should Rachel have ended up with – Joey or Ross? 

The age old debate has seen battle lines drawn over coffee discussions, and there are abundant supporters of both parties.

I mean, Ross may have given up his second chance at marriage for a friendship with Rachel (We hate you Emily, just FYI!), but it was Joey holding Rachel’s hand during her pregnancy, while Ross could only answer pagers.

And recently, the same question triggered twitter frenzy, when Claire Willets posted 100 reasons on why it should have been Joey and Rachel all along. 

Citing reasons like how Joey was the one to actually notice what Rachel felt or needed, and the fact that he fell for her when she was pregnant meant that he really loved her, the thread made every fan reconsider their theories.

And there were some definite reasons to make even the staunches believers of Rachel-Ross contemplate. 

However, Rachel herself has laid the matter to rest!

In a recent interview with Elle magazine, Jennifer Aniston answered the question by confirming that it was Ross all along.
It was Ross and Rachel all the way. I really believe that if there is an after world of Friends, they’re still thriving. I just don’t think Joey and Rachel could have made it. I think it was more physical than emotional with them. They were friends with benefit and they left it at that.

While this definitely has all Joey supporters wiping away tears (he gave up Hugsy for Emma, how could Rachel forget that?), the Ross supporters are still cheering because after all, it was for Ross that she ‘got off the plane!’

So, have your dreams been dashed, or claims been supported? Let us know in the comments below.