There are umpteen examples which suggest that India is obsessed with fair skin. 

The unethical endorsement of fairness creams, face-washes and soaps that suggest a fairer skin, from face to even your armpits, as beautiful, are all propagating the imbecile idea of anything that’s not fair as ugly and undesirable. Racist much? 

As far as Indians are concerned, being fair is equivalent to being beautiful.

Shocked, are you? Hindi films nahi dekhte kya?

As sickening as it sounds, dark complexion is often subconsciously made out to be a flaw or a shortcoming in Bollywood songs and just so you know, this has been happening since ages. 

While referring to a woman as “gori” is still a conventional way to describe what beauty is, instead of diminishing, Bollywood’s obsession with fair skin is only growing.

From Hum Kale Hai Toh Kya Hua to Chittiyan Kalaiyan, take a moment to consider how offensive all these songs are:

1. Gori Haseena, you stole my heart. Not fair!

2. Yes, this is how we can distinguish between the two ladies in the song. Not referring to fairer Kareena but saanwali Rani instead. 

3. Don’t wear a black chashma if you are not white coz jachega nahi.

4. Unbelievable! 

5. I have white wrists. Need I say more? 

6. Rajesh Khanna is surely teaching her a lesson. Please don’t take pride in being white.

7. Wasn’t this our favourite song growing up? Not anymore, I guess. 

8. Mehmood, please don’t be sorry for being dark. 

10. Because apparently, gora mukhda and kala chashma is the best combination ever.

11. Okay man, your heart is beating because you saw a woman. Oh sorry, a white woman! 

Design Credits: Rohit Jakhu