Racism is the substitute for casteism among desis. Whenever they’re unable to exhibit their casteist sentiments out of technicalities, they’ll switch to racism to keep their problematic mentality alive. To corroborate this, we have a woman in a Twitter thread (@jeegujja) talking about racist, sexist men who couldn’t handle seeing strong Black female leads in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

In the thread, the woman from Chennai shared how some men hurled vile racist slurs each time a woman came on screen in the theatre.

They’d also laugh, use all kinds of pronouns, and make fun of Black women in the film. Even when people nearby asked them to shut up, they were unabashedly relentless.

Note how racism and sexism were so deeply embedded within their system that they didn’t experience the slightest bit of hesitation about screaming such things in public.

Take a look at how Twitter is calling this out.

Let’s make it clear: every racist, misogynistic, casteist, homophobic, and sexist individual is a disdain to Earth. They’re more brackets, but then, this list won’t stop.

BTW, this is not a standalone story from one cinema hall in India.


It’s high time desis wake up from their colonial hangover and recognise individuals as humans and not their race.