India is a funny country with no sense of humour. We haven’t been brought up on satire or sarcasm, hence we look forward to ‘roast’ humour with sexual innuendos. We’re a country that loves Kapil Sharma’s brand of humour and it was only a matter of time before things got out of hand.

In Comedy Nights Bachao’s latest episode, there are reports of a scuffle between Akshay Kumar and Siddharth Jadhav on the show. If the report in IB Times is correct, the comedians decided to ‘roast’ Lisa Haydon by making racist remarks about her Australian roots. 

She was called a ‘Kangaroo’ and there were some remarks about a ‘black African’ as well. Jacqueline Fernandez was also made fun of.



We understand that it was roast but Jacqueline and Lisa were reportedly distraught on stage over these racist remarks. When Siddharth Jadhav forgot basic human decency, Akshay Kumar stepped in to shove the comedian away. The writers of the show had to change the script but is this the end of this?

In a roast, consenting adults indulge in ‘insult humour’. In this scenario, Jacqueline and Lisa were clearly jaded by the remarks. If there was no consent on their part, it wasn’t a roast. It was basic assholery on the part of the comedian.



Are we even surprised that a show that depends on pedestrian, vulgar and misogynist humour couldn’t come up with quality content to keep the viewers entertained?