In a short span, Radhika Apte has managed to establish herself as a strong female actor in Bollywood. While many run behind numbers at the box-office, Radhika believes in making a mark with her acting and she continues to prove it, one movie at a time.  

But some people only see her as the actress who did a ‘sex scene’ in Parched. The scene has been making made headlines again as the movie released in India. But Radhika’s had enough of the drama around it. Recently, when a reporter posed a question concerning her leaked intimate scene from Parched, the actress gave him a piece of her mind. 

Given the number of controversies that Radhika has faced ever since she stepped in to Bollywood, he asked her whether it’s important to be bold or controversial in order to achieve success in such a short while.

Times Of India

Radhika slammed the reporter for asking this question. Here’s what she said: 

Source: Bollywood Spy

To be honest, the question was quite stupid and Radhika’s anger is more than justified. By asking something like this, the reporter completely disregarded all the great work that Radhika has ever done and ended up blaming her for taking cheap shots at fame.

Her anger speaks for every artist whose talent has been shamed like this. 

Well done, Radhika!