The lockdown seems to have turned most people into some kind of Master Chef cooking fancy, exotic dishes at home, while I’m still stuck with my old skills of somehow managing to burn my Maggi.

But I’m so glad I’m not the only one who’s facing this. As someone who lives alone, Rahul Bose understand exactly how I feel. Recently, he posted a video where he was trying to cook for the first time. 

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Now as someone who has never even entered the range of the stove before, Rahul tried his hand at making the ‘Everest of ghar ka khana’ a.k.a roti. From kneading the dough to rolling and cooking the roti, he did everything all by myself. 

And as a non-cook, myself, I am so proud of him for cooking that roti, even with its imperfectly perfect shape.  I’m so glad that someone has finally spoken about how cooking is not as easy as it looks. 


Netizens are lauding his attempts at making an imperfectly perfect roti: 

In a feed full of tempting, perfectly cooked homemade meals, be a Rahul Bose.