Stand-up comedy in India is seeing new comics deliver relatable content, one punchline at a time. And if there is one comic whose take on life has us going, ‘hell yeah’, it’s Rahul Dua. 


His funny perspective on life has us rolling on the floor, literally, and his latest stand-up proves that when it comes to relatable content – Dua saab is our man! 


In his latest stand-up, he talks about how people undertake great measures to achieve the all-elusive happiness, but he still believes in ‘chhoti chhoti khushiyan’

He continues that people around him may debate on topics like demonetization and bitcoins, but his ‘simple’ concerns are not easy to solve either. 

However, for him, the biggest challenge is to adjust with the ‘rich people’ who have housewarming parties, only speak in English, and have a whole different definition of ‘branded jeans’. 

Thus, if a pair of jeans cost as high as ₹20,000, then he can’t expect them to be just ordinary jeans. They have to be extraordinary. 

And of course, these extraordinary jeans will get a special treatment from him. 

Rahul Dua hilariously presents thoughts we all live with. And that’s exactly what has us rooting for him, and his punchlines, one hearty laugh at a time. 

You can watch the complete video here:

Design credits: Nupur Agrawal