Comedian Rahul Dua was probably one of the best things to come out of Comicstaan Season 1. This cheeky Punjabi boy is stealing hearts and laughs like there’s no tomorrow. 

In his latest sketch titled ‘Beans’, Dua talks about being Punjabi, his relationship and the nuances of being middle class. We hand-picked the best moments from the sketch. Check it out!

If there is one thing people know about Punjab, it’s the music.

We love it how he subtly slipped in how he really feels about his new girlfriend.

Rahul Dua has single-handedly changed the foundation of OYO Rooms.

On when his mother decided to make homemade ‘peeja‘ for him.

If you want to check out his sketch firsthand, watch it below. 

Design Credits: Nupur Agarwal