Rajkummar Rao and Patralekhaa are one of the most underrated power couples our generation has witnessed in a long time. Dating for over 8-years and managing to fight through all odds to stay together, they’ve given us some major relationship goals. 


Though I’ve never seen Rajkummar Rao indulge in grand gestures before, as the season of love is around the corner with Valentine’s Day, he went old school and penned down a heartfelt letter for his long term lover Patralekhaa. He started his letter with: 

Despite having done my fair share of conventional romantic roles – today I find myself questioning many of love’s “accepted” expressions, gestures, the way it’s meant to make you feel versus how it somehow actually turns out. 

He questioned why we as a society are so obsessed with romanticising terms like “madly in love” or “blinded” by love to express how we feel.  

How often have we used expression like ‘madly in love’ and blinded by love to express our feelings? Ever paused and thought of what they convey? Does love just override logic, does it leave you incapacitated? That’s not really true right…
Just Dial

He further explained and expressed his stance and said, ” Aren’t we in a relationship to build something bigger for both of us?” 

Who knew Rajkummar Rao was such a hopeless romantic, changing his shift to individualism, he emphasised how important it is to be individualistic in a healthy relationship. 

So why associate it with language that rejects individuality and undermines the potential of how two whole individuals truly feel when they come together to build something greater. 

Well, Rajkummar Rao choose to melt our hearts and awaken us to the notion of the societal fed idea of love with his powerful and heartfelt letter. 


Read the full letter here: 

The WhiteTiger actors’ heartwarming gesture was lauded by various Bollywood A-Listers and Netizens: 

With his wholesome gesture, Rajkummar Rao has proved that he’s got the soul of an old-school hopeless romantic trapped in a youngster’s body.