The debate surrounding the recent demise of Pratyusha Banerjee has left the entire nation in shock. And according to Bollywood Life, while the country debates the tragedy, depression and suicide, Rakhi Sawant has jumped in with her ridiculous two cents, simply because she has to.

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Ms. Sawant, in light of the tragic revelations about the Balika Vadhu actress’s depression, promptly decided to call a press conference in Mumbai to ask the government to do their part in avoiding suicides. Her solution is simple.

She’s urged the government to ban ceiling fans everywhere and install ACs all over the country. To avoid suicides.

Yep. It’s true. Ban the fan, she says. She’s claimed that fans are responsible for suicides in the country. And we just want to raise a few humble concerns about her idea. Indulge me, Rakhi.

As great an idea as it is (and I’m all for government issued air-conditioning, bruh), it may not be the most financially practical plan.

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And installing ACs everywhere? Chalo maan lo the government has the money.

Is an entire population of 1.2 billion in a very hot country using only air conditioners the smartest move, environmentally?

Conservation Magazine

And even if all those weren’t concerns. Wouldn’t people who want to end their lives just take one of the thousand other ways to do it?

There ARE other ways to commit suicide, y’know.

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Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the sentiment. But this is either an outrageous height of insensitivity or Rakhi has completely missed the actual point of the debate.

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And to be perfectly honest, it’s beyond me how she has managed to find an opportunity for attention-seeking stupidity even in the middle of a sensitive debate about suicide.

Watch her in action here:

*sarcastic slow clap* Way to go, Rakhi.