Twitter has been abuzz with #EkKahaniJulieKiTrailer and while that actually sounds like a sequel to Neha Dhupia’s Julie (2004), it’s an entirely different film with Rakhi Sawant in the lead.


After years of seeing Rakhi as well, just Rakhi, we finally get to see her as the lead actress of a film. But here’s what has left us disappointed- Rakhi has NOT dubbed for the film.

Who doesn’t love to hate Rakhi for her shenanigans, right? But, by not dubbing for her first full-fledged role, she’s not been fair to us. To put it right, humare saath chitting hui hai!



While we’re on the film, it’s an unintentional laugh riot! Though it starts out as a love story, somewhere in the middle, it suddently becomes a murder mystery. There’s also some casting couch and political drama thrown in. BTW, Rakhi goes gangster too. Yes, no kidding!

Way too much drama for two hours!

Watch the trailer here:

Source: Zee Music Company

Rakhi, Why you do this?