We all sense a significant gap between brilliant artists and their big break. While we talk about the aspiring actors and their quest to become stars, we can’t overlook the aspiring editors, choreographers, directors and everyone else who have the potential to make it big even behind the camera.

Fuelled by the same idea, Rakul Preet Singh along with her brother Aman Preet Singh created ‘Starring You’, a LinkedIn like app but for the film industry.

It aims to provide a fair playing field for budding artists all around the world to access life-changing opportunities in Indian cinema. 

Furthermore, it is also tied up with established production and media houses like Anti Casting, Pooja Entertainment, Hummara Movie, Luv Films, Venkatadri Talkies, Vision Celeb Hub, Suresh Productions, Music labels – Just Music and Salim Merchant to ensure that upcoming talent has the opportunity to work with the best in the industry.

Marketing Mind

The venture recognises that not many have the resources to chase their Bollywood dreams, hence some dreams go unfulfilled despite the talent.

Reddit is excited about this venture and thinks it will bode well for the budding artists. 

“I hope bigger producers hop into this app or create something like this.”

“I saw this on Insta the other day. Rakul has a good business accumen or is taking advice from the right people. She also has a chain of gyms in Hyd and even a restraunt/cafe( not very sure).”

“Interesting, hopefully it can be the launching pad for a deserving talented person.”

“Ngl this is a pretty smart idea. Let’s see how well this idea fares!”

“Hmm Interesting pitch!!”

Talk about bridging the gap!