This year’s Rio Olympics saw India return with a bronze and silver medal each. While the country is joyous and proud, as always, there are a certain few who just can’t keep away from spreading the negativity. To begin with, Shobhaa De’s unnecessary tweet about the athletes going all the way to Rio just to click selfies created quite a stir all over the country. Apart from this, another tweet by a Pakistani journalist about India’s performance at the Olympics, stating how winning one Bronze would be celebrated as if we have won 20 Golds, united the Indian Tweeple against him.

Time and again we have been told to learn from other people’s mistakes, but looks like Ram Gopal Varma has never heard of this concept. After Shobhaa De’s failed attempt at a public apology and the wave of hatred that was charged at the Paki journalist, RGV has become the third idiot, by taking a dig at India’s performance in Rio.

In a series of tweets, RGV stated his opinion, which honestly is as annoying as his movies.

Here’s what he said:


From the USA to South Korea, he went on comparing India’s performance with other participating countries.


He pretty much went on an idiotic rant by comparing the two countries, completely disrespecting every Indian sportsperson who had participated in the games.


He went on and on stating the same thought, without even paraphrasing his lines much. 

But then, we don’t blame him, because that’s exactly how he makes his movies! 


To be honest, this just looks like a cheap attempt to make himself look like a relevant, pseudo intellectual. 


Well, Mr Varma we think it’s time you try and shift your focus towards bettering your movies instead.

As far as your opinion is concerned, it’s anything but relevant in the eyes of thousands of Indians.