Looks like Ram Gopal Varma just woke up from a long, long slumber. A couple of weeks ago, Sunny Leone was all over the news because of her infamous Bhupendra Chaubey interview. The man was criticised for being a judgmental ass and asking questions in bad taste. A lot of Bollywood celebrities, including Aamir Khan, supported the actress and lauded the way she responded to his crassness. Weeks after the interview, Ram Gopal Varma has now decided to support her. He went a little crazy on Twitter commenting about the incident. 

Oh! And did we mention Narendra Modi was also dragged in the conversation! 

There are opinion polls too, where he asks if Modi should have a serious discussion with Sunny about changing the landscape of the country. 

Read the crazy rant here:

Well, you can totally vote on his Twitter handle if you want, here