Some men make you want to get on your knees, clasp your hands and thank the dear God for manufacturing them. Their beautiful face combined with their chiselled body makes them a treat for sore eyes. These men are the fantasy of all women and there’s just no getting over.

One such man is Rana Daggubati.

If you’re still not convinced, we’ve put together 15 photos of Rana to help elucidate our point:

1. Just look at that stare!

2. We think our hearts just exploded.

3. Look at him just sitting casually, making our hearts beat faster.


4. Any war he fights with that yummy body, we’re rooting for him.

5. Looking at him as a man in the uniform will definitely draw an ‘uff’ from your lips.


6. It’s alright even if you turn your back on us, Rana. Every bit of you is worth looking at.

7. We would love to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with you, Rana.


8. No one can make the beard look sexier.


9. If he’s playing, we’re watching.


10. If Rana is walking the ramp, we want a place in the front row.


11. There he is, just sitting, looking perfect.

12. He manages to look hot and cute at the same time. How can we not love him?


13. We can’t stop gushing over him when he wears his spectacles. He can make our hearts melt even in his nerdy avatar.


14. Who could look smarter than that?


15. Nothing sexier than him at work, now, is there?


Ain’t we glad that we have Rana to stare at to soothe our eyes?