Indian households are shining proof of how a husband has the audacity to casually mock his wife and get away with it under the guise of being funny. Sadly, even the women in the Hindi film industry are not immune to men’s poor taste in jokes.

During a live session for Brahmastra’s promotion, Alia Bhatt was a why addressing why they aren’t phailod for promoting their film (doing widespread promotion for the film). Ranbir Kapoor was quick to cut Alia mid-sentence and say “Well, I can say somebody has phailod” in reference to his wife’s weight gain, adding that he meant the remark as a joke.

Didn’t this incident serve as a stark reminder of all the times you witnessed men making nasty jokes on women and the latter just laughed and let it pass?

This was blatantly ungentlemanly. Regrettably, the ‘casually joking’ attitude stems from a place where it’s so normalised that it no longer offends anyone. And the fact that Ranbir unwittingly made this ‘joke’ on a live stream is suggesting that he needs some urgent media training.  

The comment didn’t sit well with the public and Ranbir Kapoor got slammed by Twitter. 

When movie stars are looked up as role models, passing such unwarranted comments on your wife’s pregnancy will further normalise this problematic behaviour in society. 

 Do better, men.