Now that we have all gone gaga over the really cute pictures from Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhat’s wedding, it is high time that we address the elephant in the room. And no, it’s not about the fact that they could kiss at their wedding and you couldn’t because of your strict parents and relatives. Nobody gives a flying f**k about that. 


The real question now is, “Will Ranbir Kapoor keep acting now that he’s married?”

And to be fair, the Bhatts are notoriously liberal and progressive. So it’s reasonable to believe that Mahesh Bhatt wouldn’t have a problem with it. And Alia seems to be a really supportive person, as she always has been to Ranbir and it just might work in the actor’s favour. 

Hindustan Times

As for the rest of the family, (I only know of Pooja Bhatt, I don’t do that many Bollywood articles, sorry), we are not so sure. 

If Ranbir was playing the same old husband type character every movie, it wouldn’t really be a problem, because we know married people don’t have sex, or landlords would just stop renting them apartments. 

India Today

But Ranbir Kapoor is Bollywood’s eternal lost soul. He tries to find purpose in every film he does and even though they are very different from one another, I am told, the one commonality is that his characters get laid a lot. 

Indian Express

We understand it helps with character development. I grew up watching movies in the 2010s, so I know as long as the characters don’t have an intimate scene with KK or someone playing in the background, the character development doesn’t even start to begin. 

It’s important, we understand. But the fact of the matter is that Ranbir is now married. Will he still be doing kissing scenes? What would Alia say about it? Won’t that cause friction between the two?


Wouldn’t that be considered cheating? Will Alia watch Ranbir’s films or will she just skip certain parts? What if they have children and they grow up and watch some of his rather objectionable films? Wouldn’t their classmates mock them? How is it fair to them? 

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Speaking of children, how will he manage his professional and personal life? Sure, we live in enlightened times but how will he have time to be on shoots and still change diapers or feed the child? 

Will the kids tag along with him to sets? Wouldn’t that hamper the filmmaking process and cost the producers an insane amount of time and money? Why should producers pay the price for personal decisions actors make? 


And while we are at the topic of making money, will people even care and come to watch Ranbir’s films now that he’s married. Surely, it hampers his ability to attract crowds. We all know actresses have gone through the same, so there is literally a lot of precendence. 


And call me biased for voicing my opinion but since Alia is the more successful of the two, it’s only fair that Ranbir does the sacrificing. Besides, Imtiyaz Ali isn’t going anywhere. Ranbir can always come back in 15 years when marital duties aren’t that exhaustive anymore and play dad roles or play the same roles he has been for the last decade. We know many people have done it. Bigger performers than him have done it. Madhuri Dixit, Aishwarya Rai, Juhi Chawla to name a few. 

Times of India

Look, at the end of the day, it is still a free country by some measure and Ranbir can choose whatever he wants to do but for his sake and the sake of his new bride and an argument could be made for the actor taking a more ‘behind the screen’ approach to filmmaking. It just seems easier, more convenient and will ensure that he has a long and happy marriage; something we all know Bollywood is not famous for.