Maybe I’m obsessed with F.R.I.E.N.D.S or I have officially lost my mind to quarantine. But, while I was on my gazillionth F.R.I.E.N.D.S marathon, I realised that the gang perfectly understood my quarantine mood as if they were on a house arrest themselves. 


Don’t believe me? I have proof: 

1. Chandler understood what it was like when the lockdown starts affecting your love life and your bed becomes your soulmate: 

2. When somebody asks me if I have learned something new during quarantine: 

3. When your friend accidentally sneezes on a video call. 

4. When you try to whip up something fancy to quench your quarantine cravings with the limited resources you have: 


5. When that one fitness enthu friend tries to convince you to work out from home with them: 

6. Literally every person who celebrates their birthday in March and April:

7. When someone asks you what you’re doing to stay productive: 

8. When you try to pick up a new hobby while quarantining but the hobby doesn’t want you. 

9. Extroverts on day 2 of quarantine. 


10. When you thought quarantine was what you needed to self-introspect:

11. When someone asks me if I have any quarantine plans: 

12. Trying to explain how your #QuarantineLife is going: 

13. Phoebe is responsible enough to remind her friends to wash hands, be like Phoebe. 

14. Your reaction when you take the first bite of an exotic dinner you made. 

15. Joey is literally reading my mind 🙁

16. When all you and our family can do is disagree with each other and pick up fights for no reason. 

17. Every extrovert’s reaction when their introvert friends checking up on them:


18. When you realise that you have already finished the last packet of Maggi:

Well, I didn’t know when they said that they were there for us, they meant every word of it. I’m not freaking out, you’re freaking out.