On the Republic Day of 2006, Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra gave India a cinematic gem called Rang De Basanti. It has been 11 years and we still haven’t been able to produce another film like that. Here was a movie that ticked off the right kind of patriotism, without being too preachy. We all found ourselves relating to the the journey of a group of friends who took on the corrupt system. 

For a story that remains one of the strongest to have ever been told by Indian cinema, the music by A.R. Rahman created just the right kind of atmosphere. Each song told a story and every story gave us goosebumps. 

11 years have passed but RDB’s music continues to stir the same emotions it did when we heard it for the very first time. 

1. Masti Ki Paathshala

The kids in 2006 found their anthem when this song released. The lyrics and the pumped up beats resonated with the youth. The hook step of this song became our favourite and everybody was humming the tune. 

*Shouts ‘LOSE CONTROL!’*

 Watch it here.

2. Roobaroo

From the calming melody to words of strength, Roobaroo is a personal favourite. The song plays right in the end, celebrating the victory of these friends who fought an impossible battle. And with every tear of joy they shed, we cried too.

 Watch it here. 

3. Luka Chhupi

A mother’s cry for her son can make anyone weep, but Luka Chhupi changed the form of that emotion into something we could never imagine. Till today, there is no way one can listen to this song without experiencing at least one goosebump moment. This one is a lyrical and musical masterpiece.

Watch it here.

4. Khalbali

 The tune of change, action and rebellion, Khalbali gave a musical form to the fight that the film showed. Khalbali redefined modern-day inquilab and pumped us with the adrenaline to go ahead and do what we want to.

Watch it here.

5. Khoon Chala

This song captured the emotional trauma of the friends beautifully. The tune eerily plays in the backdrop, when DJ and his friends get beaten up for silently protesting at India Gate. The song runs high on the emotion of loss, disappointment and eventually anger.

Watch it here.

6. Rang De Basanti

Who said you can’t dance to a patriotic song? Rang De Basanti’s title track provides just the premise that celebrates the nation and its people. We can hear the song blaring at every nook and corner of the country at moments of national pride, and that speaks for the composition’s credibility.

Watch it here.

7. Tu Bin Bataye

Not every love song has to be a dance number or one that puts you to sleep. The song about the feeling of being in love doesn’t reinstate the emotion again and again. That was the beauty of it.

Watch it here.

The magical combination of Prasoon Joshi’s lyrics and Rahman’s tunes created a spell that we still haven’t been able to come out of. 

Rang De Basanti‘s music is more than music. It’s an experience.

Designs by Rohit Jakhu