Kangana Ranaut’s Queen is one of those films that never leaves you without a smile, no matter how many times you watch it. One of Bollywood’s finest feminist rom-coms, from Rani’s growth to her grandmother’s support, there is a lot to love about Queen. 


But the one thing I keep going back to is Rani and Oleksander’s relationship – that blossomed in the hearts of the audience, but sadly, not on the screen. 

Oleksander, or as Rani calls him, Sikandar, is one of her three roommates at her hostel room in Amsterdam. 

While Rani slowly warms up to the three, it’s Oleksander whom she first interacts with and eventually, becomes close to. 

Whether it’s cracking a joke to make her feel comfortable or making space for her when they all brush together, Oleksander always looks out for Rani. 

Though she is certainly close to Taka, it’s Oleksander who listens to her talk about how Vijay hurt her. 

And he is the first one to notice Rani’s dejected expression when her wedding video is discovered by her roommates. 

Similarly, it’s Rani who Oleksander shares his story with – about why he paints and what drives him. 

And right before leaving Amsterdam, it’s Rani’s caricature that he leaves behind, on the wall of memories in their hostel room. 

Throughout the film, the two develop from wary roommates to close friends. And while she shares her first kiss with the ‘cute chef’, it’s Oleksander with whom she shares countless special moments. 

And can we please take a moment to appreciate him actually asking Rani if she needed help, rather than just jumping in to ‘save her’ from Vijay?

Yes, in the movie, Rani and Oleksander may have been nothing more than friends. But the end credits can’t stop me from imagining the two reuniting, embarking on a crazy European adventure, and perhaps, discovering the joy of being in love. 

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