In the 2014 hit Queen, Rani (Kangana Ranaut) finds a new perspective in life when she travels solo on her honeymoon to a foreign land. Her journey through Paris and Amsterdam gives her new hope; she gets a new vision in life. And the three friends she makes in Amsterdam play a huge part in Rani’s journey.

The movie proved to be milestone in Kangana Ranaut’s career. She won the National Award for her performance and was loved and appreciated by the viewers and critics alike. 

Having said that, her three friends in Amsterdam: Oleksander, Taka and Tim (played by Mish Boyko, Jeffrey Ho and Joseph Guitobh respectively) had a big part to play in the movie’s popularity.

The characters were highly praised by the audience and an instant bond was formed. They were shown to have a huge language barrier but their friendship transcended those boundaries. The three actors were chosen by the film’s director, Vikas Bahl, from London and Paris.

But have you ever wondered what happened to them after the movie? Well, here’s what’s been keeping them busy:

1. Mish Boyko as Oleksander a.k.a. Sikander

In him, Rani found a friend she couldn’t have imagined when she started her journey from Delhi. Oleksander, whom she fondly addressed as Sikander, was an artist who expressed himself through his sketches.


Mish Boyko was auditioned in London by director Vikas Bahl.


Post Queen, Mish was seen in British films like Dracula Untold (2014), Risen (2016) and in a few episodes of the British TV series, Silent Witness and The Tunnel.



2. Jeffrey Ho as Taka

Jeffrey, who played Taka in the film, lived on with a happy face despite all the difficulties he was facing in his personal life. His strength to carry on gave Rani the courage to face her fears. 


Jeffrey was a student at ‘The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts’ (RADA) when he appeared in the film.


Currently, Jeffrey is rehearsing for his new play Rights of Passage which will premiere at Chelsea Theatre, London in May 2016.


3. Joseph Guitobh as Tim

Tim is the French guy who made Rani feel safe enough to sleep in the dorm. And in return, Rani introduced him to the Indian version of ‘French Toast’.


Joseph, who played Tim, was not a professional actor. Vikas Bahl ran into him in the streets of Paris and really admired his body language and so decided to cast him.


Joseph Guitobh continues to play with his band, Presteej, in France.


We certainly want to see more of them in movies. Don’t we?