Bollywood has given us many memorable characters, but it has also given us a fair share of characters who were so annoying, we wish we could eliminate them from our memories. 

So here’s a look at the most annoying characters from Bollywood movies from last 10 years, ranked from the least to the most annoying: 

1. Rani Kashyap in Haseen Dillruba 

Entitlement is never pretty, no matter the gender. Couple it with a confusing plotline and senseless drama and you have a character like Rani Kashyap whose actions made me facepalm so hard, it left a bruise on my head! 


2. Ayan Sanger in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Yes, it’s impossible for Ranbir Kapoor to deliver a bad performance. But apparently, it wasn’t impossible for him to pick a role like Ayan Sanger – a character who redefined how toxic, tone-deaf, and clingy a man-child could actually be. 


3. Preeti Sikka in Kabir Singh

In a film that lasted almost 3 hours, Preeti Sikka spoke for 3 minutes and made sense for 1 of those 3 minutes. Kabir was an infuriating character. But Preeti just annoyed me with how submissive she was – you could replace her with a door, and no one would know the difference! 

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4. Meenalochni “Meenamma” Azhagusundaram in Chennai Express 

While Deepika Padukone has certainly come a long way from Chennai Express, Meenalochni “Meenamma” Azhagusundaram is one of her most annoying characters and even her die-hard fans have to agree with me on this one. 

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5. Sejal Zaveri in Jab Harry Met Sejal

The movie’s lackluster and cliched storyline did little to hide the non-existent character arc or that horrible accent. To be perfectly honest though, that accent alone would have landed Sejal Saveri on this list.


6. Aisha Kapoor in Aisha 

I remember even Emma vexing me slightly, but she had other redeeming qualities. However, something certainly got lost in translation. Because even those fabulous dresses could not distract me from the fact that Aisha Kapoor was nothing more than an entitled, irksome, meddling brat. 


7. Raja and Prem in Judwaa 2

There are some characters we would love to see twins of, like Sunny from Dil Dhadakne Do. But Raja and Prem in Judwaa were annoying in the original, and even more so in the remake. 

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8. Shreya Randhawa in Student Of The Year 2

In the movie, the three leads fought for the title of Student of the Year. But the audience was unknowingly judging for Most Irritating Character Of The Year. And after a lot of ‘struggle’,  the winner was Shreya Randhawa. 


9. Sanjana Singh in Race 3

Race 3 was a ‘gem’. But Sanjana Singh was not. What she does in the film may have been her business, but it was hella tiresome to sit through. 


10. Firangi Mallah in Thugs of Hindostan

It actually pained me to add one of Aamir’s characters to the list but not as much as it pained me to watch Firangi in Thugs of Hindostan. Dhokha swabhav hai mera was a warning for the audience, but we clearly didn’t listen. 

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11. Aisha Verma in Ek Villain 

If you spend an entire movie screaming ‘Ae Villain‘ and the audience is relieved instead of sad when you are murdered, then you deserve a spot in the list of most annoying characters. I don’t make the rules. 


12. Sonu Sharma in Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety 

I have pulled at my dwindling hair to figure out just what exactly was Sonu’s problem with Sweety but arrived at no results, except one – he was an interfering, insecure, misogynistic, and exasperating individual who didn’t deserve to be anyone’s friend, let alone Titu’s. 


13. Everyone in Happy New Year 

Every character in this film got on my nerves, and the star cast constantly reminded me of the feeling of hearing nails screeching on a blackboard. *Shudders*


14. Zoe Chauhan in Love Aaj Kal 

Every time Zoe opened her mouth, there was a voice in my head that went, ‘oh no, oh no, oh no no no‘. Or in her own words, woh mujhe tang karne lagi thi.  


15. Meenakshi Deshpande in Aiyyaa

The level of theatrics Rani added to her role of a woman obsessed with the way a man smells made Meenakshi Deshpande look like an animated character. And not the cute kind. But the silly, ingratiating kind that left me rolling my eyes throughout the film. Seriously, why?


16. Rajkumar Bala Dev Singh/Harry in Housefull 4

Akshay Kumar played characters from two different eras in the film and managed to be equally annoying, not to forget extremely problematic, in both avatars. 

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Is there a character you’d add to the list? Let us know in the comments section below.