Sponsored by The Spartan Poker

Rannvijay has been a youth icon in India for more than a decade now. The venturous man has put his physical limits to the test on several occasions and pushes us to do the same as well. But to our surprise, for his next great challenge, he’s not planning to jump out of a plane or wrestle a baby Gorilla. This time, Rannvijay is ready to test the limits of his mind – through Poker! 

Yes, he’s partnered with The Spartan Poker and based on their new video, he’s more than ready to go all in. 

Now, if you know a thing or two about poker, you know that intelligence and quick thinking play as big a role as luck when it comes to becoming a Poker champion. And if you think you have what it takes to become one, you’d want to visit The Spartan Poker and put your skills to the test. They have several variants of poker for you to enjoy, with plenty of tournaments where you can win big! 

But before you do any of that take a look at the cool video featuring Rannvijay: