If you follow Ranveer Singh, you’d know that he’s busy promoting Switzerland tourism, as the first Indian ambassador for the country. Here are some pictures from his travel.

In relation to this, he recently gave an interview to Condé Nast Traveller where he claimed that his family wasn’t “rich enough” and so they had to save up to afford a summer holiday abroad.

We didn’t have a lot of money when I was growing up. So my parents would save up and save up for that one big summer holiday abroad; I remember going to Indonesia, Singapore, Italy, but most often it was the US–we had a lot of family there. And December was always Goa with my grandparents.

Almost immediately, #YoRanveerSoPoor started trending on Twitter. Here are some gems from this hashtag:

This isn’t the first time Bollywood celebrities have played the “middle class” card. In the past Parineeti Chopra had once claimed that she had to cycle to school as her family didn’t own a car. When someone who knew her personally called her lie out, she explained that she and her siblings would cycle to school while her father would follow them in a car. The kids didn’t have access to a car and driver and that made them “poor.”

If these celebs feel poor, I don’t know what that makes me.