Bittoo Sharma in Band Baaja Baraat was the OG fuckboy in Bollywood. And before you get me wrong, know that I love Bittoo just as much as the next person, bread pakode ki kasam. But not because of who he was, instead because of who he grew to be. 

Band Baaja Baraat had the most believable character growth a fuckboy has ever been given. He understood what he did, grew into a reliable adult and reflected on his feelings for Shruti. But that doesn’t change the fact that he was indeed, a fuckboy. 

He spent the entire wedding documenting Shruti instead of the bride and groom, at a wedding he gatecrashed. 

He constantly ogled at women! And let’s not forget that he stalked Shruti and gave her that CD of her dance in hopes of hitting on her. Thank the lords that Shruti wasn’t dumb enough to fall for it. 

He is scared of commitment but more than that, he is scared of confrontation. He’d much rather give Shruti false hope and lead her on than tell her it was just a one-night stand. 

Well, all’s well that ends well. Because Bittoo did come around and realise that he needed to grow up and show his emotions. Now that’s a good character development. 

All images are screenshots from the movie.