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Honestly, getting copped is a bad experience for most. Being asked to stop and get out of a vehicle is an experience that nobody is usually prepared for. But what if somebody cops you as a part of a surprise that’s been planned for you? Would that be so bad? Because on a personal note, I love surprises. And what’s a better build-up to a surprise than an old-fashioned blindfolding?

And that’s exactly what happened with Ranveer Singh. Ranveer, who was calmly on his way, was stopped and told that there was a gift waiting for him. He was then asked to get out of the car and get blindfolded. And Ranveer, like the normal lot of us, felt it was crazy. And why wouldn’t he? 

Upon getting out of the car, he was blindfolded and taken to the place where the gifts were waiting for him. And his reaction upon seeing them was priceless! He sure wasn’t expecting to find what he did, and his expression tells the whole story. A whole realm of Adidas Originals goodies was waiting for him, including a limited edition jacket gifted to him by Pharell Williams. Tell me, who doesn’t love surprises like THAT? Anyone out there listening to me? Friends? *wipes off tears*

Watch the video of Ranveer getting copped by Adidas Originals here: