You guys know Bear Grylls right? British dude, big on adventures and host of Man v/s Wild. Well, he’s pretty iconic. And this time he’s pairing up with our ever own desi king: Ranveer Singh.

Netflix launched the trailer for Ranveer Vs Wild With Bear Grylls, an interactive adventure-based show that follows Ranveer Singh lost in the wilderness along with Bear Grylls, being chased by bears and fighting to find his way out. Apparently, this time his fate is in our hands. We can save Ranveer’s life by pressing a button.

Watch the trailer here:

Obviously, we can expect Ranveer Singh doing Ranveer Singh things. He dances for bears. swings from trees and cracks dorky jokes like, “Yeh pagla to nikal gaya hum kaise jayenge?”

We can’t wait to watch the duo in action together!