Think of an actor who dares to explore every shade in the spectrum, and Ranveer Singh is one of the first names that comes to mind!

The much-anticipated trailer for Jayeshbhai Jordaar, helmed by Divyang Thakkar has arrived, and it looks intriguing since it offers something different.

The movie is set in a Gujarati village that is dominated by an orthodox Sarpanch (Boman Irani), who is also the patriarch of Jayeshbhai’s (Ranveer Singh) family. Jayeshbhai is not your typical macho man, he nods his head at his father’s command and is literally his puppet until something tragic happens.  

His wife is expecting a child, and the patriarch is looking for a male heir who will be eligible to carry on his legacy. Then it’s revealed that the unborn child in question is a girl. So before his family decides on female foeticide, he flees with his wife and first daughter.

What follows next is a cat and mouse chase between Boman’s and Ranveer’s characters, with the latter hailing as the champion of gender equality, thanks to a desire to protect his unborn child.

The fact that the film tackles such a socially relevant theme while also fusing the right amount of humour has us thrilled.  

In Jayeshbhai Jordaar, Shalini Pandey will play Ranveer’s wife, while Boman Irani and Ratna Pathak Shah will play the actor’s parents.

The film is slated to release on 21st may, 2022 in your nearest cinema halls. 

You can watch the entire trailer here:

All images are screenshots from the trailer.