Ranveer Singh has always had a flair for the dramatic. Whether it was his hilarious ‘ eye-to-eye ‘ video to Hrithik or taking up his dare to dance in public , Ranveer has a reputation for being the entertaining, funny guy. But in a departure from his usual fun-loving self, Ranveer posted a more personal video revealing the news that he will play the lead in Aditya Chopra’s next film, Befikre .

Shot on the famous 4th floor of Yash Raj Films office, Ranveer recalls how it was in these very corridors where he received his big break with Band Baaja Baraat. He remembers how he was so overwhelmed with emotion, that he broke down outside the office. It was then that Aditya Chopra himself walked up to him, put an arm around the then unknown actor and said,” Tu kar lega (you’ll do it)”.

Check out the heartwarming video for yourself.