In a recent interview given to Humans of Bombay, Mirzapur actor Rasika Duggal narrated her journey from Jamshedpur to Mumbai.

Speaking about her childhood dream, she said:

I grew up in Jamshedpur. There, all kids had the same answer to, ‘Bade hoke kya banna hai?’– ‘Doctor ya engineer.’ I was no different, but everything changed when I entered college.

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In college, she met people who were artists, and this sparked a desire in her to become an actor. So, she enrolled in an acting class and got through. 

From that point on, there were highs and lows, but there was no looking back. 

When my acting course ended, I desired to be an actor. I’d give 5 auditions a day; I’d just show up at every audition. It was simple, mujhe kaam chahiye tha, aur unke paas kaam tha!

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She took up even small roles that came her way because she wanted to keep working. In fact, she once did a movie, where she’d have to do production work between her takes. Thankfully, the movie went to a big film festival.

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Rasika started getting more roles in Hindi movies, but truly the life-changing moment for her was getting an offer from Nandita Das for Manto.

She wanted to cast me in Manto and that changed everything! And then, Mirzapur happened. I was craving a project that would reach a wide audience that I wouldn’t have to tell people about. Mirzapur was that for me.

As one of the most critically acclaimed actors in the country, this is what Rasika has to say, “If I could, that’s what I’d tell 18-year-old Rasika ‘You’re doing the right things, don’t second guess it”.

Instagram/Humans of Bombay

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