Social media can be very unforgiving and Raveena Tandon learnt this the hard way out as she found herself at the eye of a controversy on Twitter. It was business as usual for the ’90s diva on Tuesday when a user by the name of Atiya Zaidi decided to ruffle some feathers from the past and accused Bollywood of dual standards on the issue of gender insensitivity.

The Twitter handle @atiyaz singled out Raveena Tandon by posting a screenshot of one of her tweets from the eve of the India-Pakistan World Cup cricket match in February. The 5-month-old tweet – a joke which the actress had liked and shared – was blown out of proportion by the user.

Here’s what @atiyaz posted:

Caught unawares, Raveena soon found herself trending on Twitter. But it wasn’t all flak; she received a lot of mixed reactions.

Comedienne Aditi Mittal tried to find some humour in the whole scenario:

However, not one to sit as a silent bystander, Raveena quickly reminded everyone that it was just a joke.

However, when people didn’t stop being nasty and decided to target Shah Rukh Khan as well, Raveena nipped the argument in the bud:

But the big question is: are we trying to find too many faults in our stars?