Ravi Shastri has actually made the bird app really fun since last week. Admittedly, he’s been tweeting to promote the new CRED ad but hey, who cares, there’s so little to be joyous about these days. And to be honest, his tweets are really funny. 

Just take a look at this: 

Shastri has completely embraced the drunk uncle stereotype that Desi Twitter made him into during his tenure as the coach of the Indian Men’s cricket team and now he’s just rolling with it. 

He even did a Ask Me Anything on Twitter. 

And then there’s this gem!

Unfortunately, Shastri did a typical drunk uncle move and left the chat mid conversation. That said, people seeking answers can watch the new CRED ad here: 

Oh man, Ravi Shastri is the level of cool most of us can only aspire to be LOL!