They say that art imitates life and vice versa. And a recent robbery case seems to be the perfect example of this. A group of men posed as CBI officers to rob a businessman in Kolkata – tell me this isn’t a total Special 26 scenario?

CBI, Rob
Credit: Tenor

Earlier this week, a group of men barged into 60-year-old businessman Suresh Wadhwa’s home and robbed him of ₹ 30 lakh and jewelry too.

Wadhwa filed a case at Bhowanipore police station and said that the group of men claimed that they’ll send him a seizure list later, but that never happened. He’s even stated that the men came in cars with stickers on them that seemed like legit CBI vehicles.

CBI, Rob
Credit: India Times

Investigators are also considering the involvement of Wadhwa’s family’s inner circle in the crime, and looking into the CCTV footage to spot the whereabouts of the vehicles.